Everyone decided to reinvent the router and it makes sense with all connected laptops, fridges, and toothbrushes in a home nowadays, stable and it increases day by day. Most of these router revamped routers share technology and used easily. But some key is different also.
 1)  Google Wi-Fi
Google's sleek mesh router system having 1,500 square feet of wi-fi coverage and it also offers 4,500 square feet of the solid signal. Google Home and Alexa reach voice to the whole system.

2) Eero
Eero started the craze of router redesign and it is a best mesh-networking option also. it is the little bit pricey also. The features, performance and its range are akin to the router. it optimizes the home network also, it offers the best performance from the best unit that is added dough. If you interested in other types of routers so you can visit us  Tp-link router customer Number

3) Luma
Luma may mesh but the marquee features of this Alexa enabled system is security. its price is less from the Google wi-fi, it is best to cover the large distance. if your house is large then this is the best option for you at less price also. Asus Router customer number 

4) Roques Core
The subscription plan for the Roqos Core is about $19 a month and it provides open source platform also. this router is not made for the complicated network but it has the quad-core system in itself. The open source provides security to prevent the system from the network hardware. if you want to cancel subscription then the core will work still also.

5) Portal
The Portal router is like big stone and it also has high speeds. its frequency is high and the spectrum is reversed for the radar systems. it does not have much traffic so do not take tension regarding its speed. it cost is about $200.

6) Plume Wi-fi
plume pods are like wallflowers and it plugs for an electrical outlet. it is small in shape and it requires a jacked ethernet connection. it is plugged around the small area, and it also creates a complicated network. its speed is awesome as compared to google wi-fi and it provides an easy way to boost wi-fi.

7) On Hub
Google released many new routers it does not mean it can be found under $200 OnHub. you can create OnHub and Google wi-fi units and control it with Google app

8) Netgear Orbi
It is bigger router as compared to all and it also has the highest speed as compared to all. it cost is about $250 to $400. it is used for the large area also.

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